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          ColorOS 6

          Less is Limitless

          Brand-new Visual Design

          ColorOS 6 follows the idea of borderless design to bring you the most
          intelligent system experience, featuring a whole new interface,
          from home page to app icons, font sizes to background colors.

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          Hyper Boost

          Hyper Boost accelerates performance when needed.
          It consisting of System Boost, APP Boost and Game Boost,
          speeds up your phone operation to the next level.

          Game Assistant

          Game Assistant features streamlined notification
          management, screen record and other specialized shortcuts.
          Now you can check and reply messages quickly while gaming.

          Game Space

          Individually personalize game parameters
          for performance, power consumption
          and immersive gaming experience.

          Cloud Service

          Featuring large space on cloud for data
          synchronization, backup, and storage.
          Safety comes first without extra effort.

          Riding Mode

          Mute all notifications, automatically
          text back to decline calls. Avoid
          distractions and stay focused for a safe ride.

          Smart Assistant

          The improved interface gives one-screen
          overview on your favorite apps. Check
          the calendar, sports fixtures and track
          fitness at a glance.

          Notification Bar

          Prioritize notifications based on importance
          and fold the unimportant notifications.

          Navigation Gesture

          Android P navigation gesture provides
          a series of navigation shortcuts. Simply
          swipe, flick, drag, and tap for efficient
          switch between different user interfaces.

          • Google Assistant

          • Switch between apps

          • Back to menu

          System Smart

          Intelligently stop the apps which have
          been barely used for a while, save
          power for longer battery life.


          1. Riding Mode is only available in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan.
          2. Cloud Service is only available in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Japan, France, German, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, England and Taiwan.
          3. Online booking, Match management and Match card of Smart Assistant are only available in India.
          4. Product images are included for reference only. Certain product specifications and descriptions may change due to unforeseen circumstances. Please refer to the actual product manual for details. The data used on this website is obtained from OPPO’s technical parameters, test data from laboratories as well as third-party suppliers. Actual product data may differ slightly, depending on testing software versions and environments.



          Simplistic white backgrounds with subtle gradients create
          a clean and practical visual experience.

          ColorOS 6 - color
          ColorOS 6 - UI
          ColorOS 6 - UI


          Lines and spacing have been decluttered, for faster,
          intuitive navigation through menus and settings. 

          ColorOS 6 - UI


          The newly developed layout engine optimizes
          distance between words and paragraphs,
          for natural and effortless reading.

          ColorOS 6 - layout
          ColorOS 6 - layout


          Icon designs have been refreshed with bright colors and a new circular design.

          ColorOS 6 - icon


          In collaboration with ANF studio, we’ve added modern art
          visuals influenced by the power of nature. 

          ColorOS 6 - wallpaper ColorOS 6 - wallpaper ColorOS 6 - wallpaper ColorOS 6 - wallpaper ColorOS 6 - wallpaper ColorOS 6 - wallpaper ColorOS 6 - wallpaper
          ColorOS 6 - wallpaper ColorOS 6 - wallpaper ColorOS 6 - wallpaper ColorOS 6 - wallpaper


          Lively 3D animations create a more interactive virtual experience,
          while complementing the advanced technology within.

          ColorOS 6 - animation ColorOS 6 - animation
          ColorOS 6 - animation ColorOS 6 - animation


          Extra gestures have been added
          to speed up daily operation.
          Photos can be pin-pointed with
          gallery timeline zoom-in and text
          can be enlarged with a simple

          • Pinpoint photos

          • Enlarge text


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